Demetal Expertise

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Custom Machinery Projects

Per our customers’ needs, we design and manufacture machinery and equipment for production lines in a wide range of applications. With our reliable and experienced engineering staff, we design, do the kinematic analysis, and manufacture stretch-bending machines capable of shaping in 2, 3, 5, and 6 axes.

We also manufacture Rollform Machines, which are also known as metal roll forming, metal sheet forming, metal forming, or sheet bending machines.


Sheet Metal Die Projects

DEMETAL designs and manufactures durable progressive molds according to your specifications. In addition to tandem molds, we design and manufacture cutting molds used in different processes, high-precision cutting dies, tandem form cutting dies, and dies used for custom cutting processes.

Furthermore, we conduct hot forging, process design, die simulation, die design, forging cutting, and calibrating dies for parts with different geometries and sizes. With our extensive process knowledge, we offer a wide range of engineering services for hot forging dies.


Fixture Projects

With growing competition in the industry, particularly in the automotive industry, the use of fixtures in manufacturing operations has become more important in terms of quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

DEMETAL considers fixture design a vital component of the systematic production phase. With its rapid success and experience, it provides the highest level of service by offering complete solutions to its customers’ expectations.


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